Department of historiography and methodology of historical research

(In 2021 — disbanded)
In the composition Center Of Special Historical Sciences And Anthropology
The department was formed in January 2016 on the basis of historiography and historic research method division.
Kontakt: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk, str. Akademicheskaya, 1, room. 232.
Phone: (+375 17) 373-27-00

Head of the department:
Doctor of Historical Sciences
Andrej Metelskii

The staff members of the department include:
Irina R. Chikalova, Chief researcher, Doctor, professor;
Alena E. Sakolchyk, PhD, chief researcher;
Raisa U. Zianiuk, PhD, senior researcher;
Tatiana V. Dauhach, PhD, senior researcher.

The department trains:
– graduate student Litvinchuk Yuliya Sergeevna.
– doctoral candidate, Ph.D. Matveychik Dmitry Cheslavovich.

The main directions of scien-tific research of the department:

  • • identification and analysis of problematic fields in historiographical views on the basis of sources on development of social-economic process in the territory of Belarus from 19th century until the beginning of 21st century, development of scientific recommendations on their decisions via introduction into scientific circulation of new sources and scientific research methods;
  • • identification, systematization and analysis of scientific research on the problem of education and science development in Belarus and assessment of scientific importance of historiographical legacy and defining of specifics and the level of development of these spheres in relationship with a certain historic period;
  • • identifying of main trends and specifics of social process in the territory of Belarus in the period between 1944–1990 on the basis of systematization and analysis of historiographical legacy, new historic sources and use of contemporary methods of scientific research.

The overall subject of research work in 2016–2020:
«Inclusion of Population of Belarus in Economic, Legal and Social Context of Russian Empire, USSR, the Republic of Belarus: History, Historiography and Historic Research Methods»

The major results of scientii c research of the department:

  • • Research of adaptation mechanism of Christian and non-Christian confessions of Belarusian lands in the Pan-Empire legal context allowed to identify strategic direction of confessional policy of Russian Empire government from the end of the 18th century until the end of the 19th century. It resulted in codification of their structures and creation of mechanism of management by the example of Orthodox Church;
  • • It is proved that Russian policy of Russification of Russian Empire made a strong impact on consolidation of national movements. It objectively contributed to radicalization of Polish and Jewish movements and politicization of Belarusian national movement;
  • • Theoretical model of revolutionary situation in 1905-1907 in Belarusian and Lithuanian provinces is grounded. The basis of it was formed from two sources: import of initiatives from outside of the region and local conditions of territory development.

The most important results of the department are reflected in a number of scientific works as well as monographs: