Center for History of geopolitics

Acting Head of the Center – Grand PhD in History, professor, Academician-Secretary Alexander Kovalenya, Chief researcher, Corresponding Member of the NAS of Belarus.
The Center was created
in September 2014.
Kontakt: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk, str. Akademicheskaya, 1, room. 224.
Phone: (+375 17) 284-23-97

Deputy head:
Denis A. Bukonkin

The other staff of the Center include:
Andrej A. Valodzkin, senior researcher, PhD;
– Alexandr G. Tsimbal, senior researcher, PhD;
Olga N. Borovskaya, senior researcher, PhD;
Bylino Andrey Gennadievich, assistant.

Center for the History and Geopolitical Studies was created as a part of the Institute for History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in September 2014 to carry out theoretical and applied research in the field of the History of Geopolitical Studies and political processes in ХХ – beginning of ХХI centuries in the actual for Belarus geopolitical space.
The research workers study the role and position of Belarus in geopolitical processes of East-Central and Northern Europe, accumulate, classify and analyze the information on the major events and phenomena which have a profound influence on the nature of international relations as well as make prognosis of the geopolitical trends in the region. The Center actively cooperates with foreign partner organizations in the framework of studies of Belarus participation in the system of international relations and international organizations functioning in ХХ – beginning of ХХI centuries.

The most important results of research activities of the Center:

  • • investigation of the issues of the national interests of the Republic of Belarus formation and ways of their realization;
  • • complex analysis of the Belarusian-Lithuanian relations development and of the main trends and directions of the regional cooperation in the context of ongoing Euro-Atlantic integration;
  • • revealing some of the controversial issues in the history of the Belarusian-Polish relations in 20th – 21st;
  • • identifying the main trends and prospects of inter-state and international cooperation development of the Republic of Belarus with the countries of the Visegrad Group in the context of building a «neighborhood area»;
  • • elaborating the methodology and the scheme of national-cultural associations of the Belarusian diaspora in the world.

The major results of the Centre research work are presented in a number of collective and individual monographs: