Center of World History and International Relations

Head of center – Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Vladimir Tugay

The Center was created in 2005 as
the Center of History of Industrial Society. On the 1st of January 2016 it was renamed.

Kontakt: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk,
str. Akademicheskaya, 1, room. 402.

Phone: (+37517) 284-08-22,

The other staff of the Center include:
Oleg I. Dernovich, senior researcher, PhD, assistant professor;
Katsiaryna A. Kryvichanina, senior researcher, PhD, assistant professor;
Elena P. Gross, senior researcher, PhD;
Elena A. Aleksandrovich, researcher;
Tatiana A. Popovskaja, researcher.

The major results of scientii c research of the Center:

  • • the historiography research of the chronicle tradition of XIII–XVII c. in the context of the history of peoples of Southeastern Baltic was conducted. The formation of their historical consciousness in the late Middle Ages and modern times was studied;
  • • the becoming and developing of social institutions in France, Germany and Great Britain and their role in socio-economic systems of European countries in 1815–1914 were analyzed;
  • • the main stages and directions of cross-border cooperation of the Republic of Belarus are outlined;
  • • the process of including the Chernobyl issue in the international agenda is analyzed;
  • • the complex characteristic of the international interaction of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan in the 1990s – 2000s was given;
  • • the essence, stages, directions and results of international activity of the public associations of the Republic of Belarus in 1991–2010 were determined.
On May 25–26, 2017, the Center organized and conducted
the International Scientific Conference
«Europe: Actual Problems of Ethnic Culture»

The main achievements of the Center were included in collective and individual monographs:

  • Дзярнович, О. Князі Острозькі / Олег Дзярнович, Раймонда Рагаускене, Ігор Тесленко, Борис Черкас. – Київ : Балтія-Друк, 2014. – 280 с.
  • Чикалова, И. Р. Партии, профессиональные союзы, женские организации во Франции, Германии, Великобритании (1815–1914) / И. Р. Чикалова. – Минск : Беларус. навука, 2015. – 392 с.
  • Гусаков, В. Г. История аграрной науки Беларуси (ХІХ – начало ХХІ в.). В 2 ч. Ч. 2. // В. Г. Гусаков, В. В. Данилович, Е. А. Кривичанина. – Минск : Белорус. наука, 2017. – 508 с.