Valodzkin Andrei

Senior researcher Center of World History,
International Relations and Geopolitics
PhD in history, associated professor

Тел.: (+375 17) 378-27-05

Born in 1981 in the city of Baku. In 2004 graduated from the International Relations Department of the Belarusian State University (BSU). In 2005 completed an internship (senior international course “Security policy in a New Europe”) at the Swedish National Defence College, Stockholm. In 2009 was awarded a PhD degree in BSU (for thesis entitled “Transformation of the EU and NATO relations with the Baltic Sea Region states in 1991 – 2004”).
Work experience:
Since 2007 works within the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus. Since 2014 – in the Institute of History of the NAS of Belarus.

Main research interests:

  • – contemporary history of international relations in the Baltic Sea Region
  • – evolution and development of the Belarusian foreign policy
  • – representations of Belarus in the foreign geopolitical thought of the XX century
  • – history of emigration from the territory of Belarus to the countries of North and South America

Main publications:
Володькин А.А. Интеграция Латвии, Литвы и Эстонии в ЕС и НАТО (1991 – 2014 гг.) / А.А. Володькин. – Минск: Беларуская навука, 2016. – 212 с.
– Беларусь в интеграционных проектах / Володькин, А.А., Бобков, В.А., Акулик, А.К. и др. // Минск: “Беларуская навука”, 2011. – 331 с.

Selected articles: