Department Of Modern History Of Belarus

In the composition Center for Modern and Contemporary History of Belarus
The department was formed in november 2005 as a Department of the Recent History of the Republic of Belarus, from 01 January 2016 it has been existing as the Department of Modern History of Belarus.
Kontakt: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk,
str. Akademicheskaya, 1,
room. 115, 117
Phone: +37517-284-16-10

Head of the department:
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Sergey A. Tretyak

The staff members of the department include:
– Leonid L. Lych, Doctor, professor, chief researcher;
Valentin V. Mazets, PhD, leading researcher, assistant professor;
Nikolai B. Nesterovich, PhD, leading researcher;
Alexey A. Kapliyev, researcher.
Tatyana V. Filazapovich, researcher.

On the subject of the department works:
Scientific Secretary Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus,
Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Salauyanau Andrei Petrovich

The main directions of scien-tific research of the department:

  • • Exploring of national political processes on the territory of Belarus 1917–1920;
  • • Identii cation of main trends and laws of socio-political development of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1921–1991;
  • • Display of the process of formation of state authorities and management of the independent Republic of Belarus and the features of socio-political processes in the end of the 20th – beginning of the 21st century;
  • • Identii cation of the features of socio-economic change in Belarus in the 20th – beginning of the 21st century and processes of formation of the Belarusian model of socio-economic development.

The overall subject of research work in 2016–2020:
«Belarus in the historical process: the socio-economic transformation and on-substantially-cultural changes (1917–2015)»

The major results of scientii c research of the department:

  • • identii cation of new sources on the history of Modern time Belarus, their classii cation, attribution, scientii c research and interpretation;
  • • for the i rst time it was determined that the Belarusian statehood as a whole indecomposableuous in historical time and space existed in two forms – historical and national: Polotsk, Turov, Kievskaya Rus, Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rzeczpospolita – a form of historical Belarusian statehood, a national form of statehood – a form, which is incorporated national content of the titular nation;
  • • it was determined that class, national, elite-formation processes in the early 20th century took place, were part of the pro-constituent processes;
  • • it was grounded that implementation of the idea of statehood in the form of creature of Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus was main momentous event in the 20th century for Belarusians.

The most important results of the department were presented in monographs and collection of articles:

  • Крещение Руси в судьбах народов Беларуси, России и Украины: выбор цивилизационного пути: Материалы междунар. науч. конф., Минск, 6–7 июня 2013 г. / Редкол.: В.Г. Гусаков [и др.]. – Минск: Издательство Белорусского Экзархата, 2013. – 351 с., [16 л.] ил.
  • Крывашэй Д.А. Дзяржаўная культурная палітыка ў Беларусі (1991–2010 гг.). – Мінск: Беларус. навука, 2014.  – 521 с.
  • Лыч Л.М. Міжваенная беларусізацыя і яе ўрокі. – Мінск, 2014. – 233 с.
  • Христианство в Беларуси: история и современность: сб. науч. статей / редкол.: А.А. Коваленя [и др.].  – Минск: Беларус. навука, 2014. – 494 с.