The SSI “Institute of History NAS of Belarus” realises cooperation on various directions and activity levels.

Educational and teaching activity

Within the limits of performance of the State complex program of scientific researches for 2006-2010 “The history of the Belarusian nation, statehood and culture” scientists of the Institute of History NAS of Belarus will test and apply the results of scientific researches in a number of High Schools of the Republic.
The results received during the work on a program tasks, are included in a course of lectures, in plans of practical and seminar trainings at the Academy of Management of President of Belarus, the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian Agrarian and Technical university, the M. Tank Belarusian State Pedagogical University, the Belarusian National and Technical University, the Belarusian state university of computer science and radio electronics, the Belarusian state university of economic, the Belarusian state university of culture and art, the A.S. Pushkin Brest state university, the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, the Mogilyov state university of А.A..Kuleshov, the Republican Institute of the higher school, the Gomel state university of F.Skoriny, the Grodno state university of J.Kupaly and at the Polotsk state university.

Scientists of the Institute of History take part in the scientific and pedagogical activity, reading of the basic and special lecture courses, carrying out of practical and seminar trainings, guiding of the diploma works and the academic projects and their pass at high schools of Belarus. Scientists of the Institute were a part of jury numerous times at the Competitions on history among pupils, as Republican, and the Allied State of Belarus and Russia.
The Institute of History NAS of Belarus signed cooperation agreements with the Mogilyov state university of А.A. Kuleshov, the Belarusian state pedagogical university of M.Tank, the Belarusian state university of culture and art, the Institute of youth and education at BSU, the Brest state university of A.S. Pushkin, and with the Grodno state university of J.Kupaly, the Belarusian institute of jurisprudence, National Polotsk historical and cultural memorial estate.

Innovative activity

Many scientists of the Institute, for example, the Doctor of Historical Sciences, the Professor, corresponding member A. A. Kovalenya participate in work of innovative platforms of the Ministry of Education of Belarus. The Institute of History and the Academy of post-graduated studying within the limits of fulfillment of the innovative project “Application of author’s model of ideological values at the studying field of educational institution” : carried out a number of ”away innovative schools”, developed and applied in educational process the technology on improvement of ideological and educational work on new substantial and methodical level at the education establishments in different regions of our country.
The Institute of History NAS of Belarus has signed contracts with the Management on Affairs of the President of Belarus on realisation of the innovative and research project “to Study a historical and cultural heritage of the National park“ Blovezhsky dense forest ”and to prepare special recommendations about the practical use of this heritage”, and with the Ministry of culture of Belarus of realization of the innovative project “to carry out historical and archaeological researches of monuments of Nesvig, included UNESCO in the list of worlds cultural and natural heritage, to prepare a report of documentary data for carrying out of complex of restoration works and management of activity”.

The international cooperation

Scientists of the institute of history constantly maintain the international scientific relations during corresponding level of meetings, training, conferences and symposiums, personal correspondence.
In 2007 Under the grants of the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Researches, the scientists of the Institute worked successfully under the joint projects Belarus-German, Belarus-Ukrainian and 2 Belarus-Russian.
Within the limits of performance of planned problems scientists of the Institute receive grants from foreign funds for scientific business trips and its support. Under the year 2007 Scientists of Institute have made 66 foreign business trips (to Italy-1, Latvia-6, Lithuania-9, Moldova-1, Poland-22, Russia-22, Turkey-1, Ukraine-4), in that time the Institute with the scientific purposes have visited 17 foreign scientists (from Latvia-5, Poland-3, Russia-8, Slovakia-1).
The Institute of History NAS of Belarus signs cooperation agreements with the Institute of Slavic studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of History, state and right of Academy of sciences of Moldova, Institute of History of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Within the limits of contracts support of research projects is provided, which are carrying out by scientists of two states; an exchange of scientific employees within the limits of scientific training, short visits with the purpose of reading of reports, lectures etc.; carrying out of joint scientific conferences, symposiums, seminars and summer schools on problems which interests both parties; mutual informing and cooperation with the purpose of preparation for participation in the international congresses, conferences, symposiums etc.; a regular exchange of scientific literature and bibliographic information; development of works within the limits of joint scientific projects in archives, libraries and museums; preparation and publishing of joint scientific works, the publication of documents and materials; carrying out of joint reviewing of candidates and doctor’s thesis and projects, protected in Institutes, on themes, which represents scientific interest for historian scientists of Belarus and their foreign colleagues.
The Institute of History NAS of Belarus is a member of association of Institutes of History of the CIS countries. In Association magazine publications of scientists of the Institute are printed.
The Scientists of the Institute of History have good contacts with the embassies of Belarus in the Republic of Moldova, the Lithuanian Republic, embassies of Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine in the Republic of Belarus, the Higher association of studying of language, history and culture of name Аtatyrko in Turkey, public organisations of the Belarusian diaspora in Moldova, the Ukraine and Latvia, representatives of Moldavian and the Ukrainian diasporas in Belarus.
Scientists of the Institute actively participate in propagation of scientific achievements in archeology and history branch, spreading of scientific knowledge. All are possible means of mass media are used – lectures, conferences, the printing (publications of popular scientific brochures, articles in magazines and newspapers), TV and radio.
By the efforts of the Institute of History NAS of Belarus together with educational institutions and local authorities for 2006-2007 have been organised and carried out at high level of 35 republican and international scientific conferences, seminars and “round tables” (the majority of them in different regions of Belarus). These actions have received a wide public resonance.

The press, mass media

Only in 2007 Scientists of the Institute of History more than 90 times have acted on TV (local channels “BT”, “ОNT”, “SТV”, “LAD”, “MIR”), more than 150 times gave interview to various printing editions, more than 330 times have broadcast on radio (the First national radio channel, radio station ”Belarus”, radio ”Minsk”, the ”MIR”, etc.).

Institute activity is widely represented in scientific editions and periodical press: “Belarusian Historical magazine”, magazine “Science and Innovations”, “Zvyazda”, “LIM”, “Vedi”, “The Republic”.