Central Scientific Archive of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Since 2021 as a part of Center for the History of Science and Archival Affairs.

Archive was founded in 1930s. As of 2016 there are 109 funds and 56,784 units in the archive. Kontakt: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk, st. Academic 1, office. 225 (Fund for Archaeological Scientific Documentation). Tel.: +37517-270-05-54 (Independence avenue, 66, office. 432). Tel.: +37517-378-22-87. E-mail: arhivnan@gmail.com

Archive manager:
Dmitry Krent

The archive works:

Alexander A. Kunash, researcher;
Maxim Dzianisau, archivist.

The Academy of Sciences is the leading scientific institution of the Republic of Belarus. Central Scientific Archive stores valuable sources on the activities of its Presidency and the scientific institutions that make part of the academic community, including the documents of the 1920–1930 period – the papers of the Institute of Belarusian Culture, of the Commission on the Study of Western Belarus, copies of historical sources of the 18th – 19th centuries, collected by the staff of the Institute of History in the 1930s. The archival collections include organizational and administrative documentation; documents reflecting international communication of the Academy; papers of the Academic Bureau; annual plans of research activities and reports of academic institutions; manuscripts of scientific works, etc. The sources on the history of the First Congress of Belarusian scientists, materials of various innovative and hightech programs and projects were transferred to the archive. There are more than 20 thousand personal files of Belarusian scientists such as Academy Presidents K. Gorev and V. Kuprevich, classics of national literature J. Kolas (K.Mitskevich), K. Krapiva (K.K. Atrahovich), Professors V. Picheta, N. Nikolsky.
Currently the staff of the archive is engaged in preparation for the publication of archival documents, creation of the digital copies of the oldest and most valuable documents, the introduction of automated archive system, organization of information events and exhibitions.
The Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus has the unique fund of archaeological scientific documentation, which has been transferred to the Central Scientific Archive of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in 2014. The fund holds over 3 thousand reports on archaeological research in the territory of Belarus, starting from the 1920s and up to the present date. These are annual reports on archaeological excavations and exploration of Belarusian archaeologists, copies of reports of Russian archaeologists and archaeologists of the Scientific and Production Association «Belrestavratsiya», research projects, manuscripts of monographs and abstracts, questionnaires inventory records, field diaries, lists of monuments, minutes of meetings of archaeological departments, scientific and technical materials. Every year the fund is replenished with 80–100 items.
The established close cooperation enables to exchange literature with scientific institutes, museums, universities and other archaeological institutions of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and other countries.