Center for the History of Science and Archival Work

Center for the History of Science and Archival Work

Head of center — Candidate of Historical Sciences Marina Gleb
Tel.: (+375 17) 270-05-53; e-mail:
The address: Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, 220072, Minsk, st. Academic 1, office. 221.

Center staff:
Viktar Piliecki, Chief Researcher, doctor, assist. professor;
Olga Medvedeva, Leading Researcher, PhD;
Marina Krasnova, Senior Researcher, PhD, assist. professor;
Alexey Denisevich, Senior Researcher, PhD;
Natallia Pieravalava, Senior Researcher, PhD in Philology;
Zhanna Rzaeva, Researcher
Alexey Barnyuk, Researcher.
It was created in 2021 as a scientific unit that studies the role of science in the formation of the Belarusian state, in social, cultural and educational processes at various stages of historical development. In the developments in this area, the main attention is paid to the interaction and mutual influence of society, technological structures and scientific knowledge. At the moment, it includes:

Central Scientific Archive of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus

Head of center — Dmitry Krent
Tel.: (+375 17) 378-22-87, e-mail:

The main tasks of the center:

  • study of domestic and foreign research methods;
  • development of a methodology for studying the history of science in Belarus; characterization of social and historical contexts of scientific research; research of scientific systems and institutions, practices of scientific knowledge, first of all — the history of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus;
  • analysis of the relationship between scientific achievements and various spheres of society (political system, culture and education, economics, everyday life, mentality);
  • analysis of the relationship between scientific achievements and various spheres of society (political system, culture and education, economics, everyday life, mentality);
  • gaining knowledge about the traditions and directions of solving global problems (energy, food, environmental, security problems, etc.);
  • determination of promising directions of scientific and educational policy.

Center projects:

  • Data bank “Documents about E.F. Karsky in the archives of Belarus” (RUS)
  • From 2014 to 2019, within the framework of two joint projects implemented under the auspices of the Russian Humanitarian Science Foundation and the BRFFR, the Belarusian-Russian research team carried out the work “Academician E.F. Karsky (1860-1931) and his correspondents: scientific heritage of Slavic studies in archival documents”. She solved an important scientific problem — she reconstructed the scientific approaches of the intellectual elite of Russia and Belarus at the end of the 19th — first third of the 20th centuries. to the questions of the history of the Slavs, their language and ethnogenesis. A feature of the project was the source base that underlies it and included an extensive complex of epistolary sources that has not yet been introduced into scientific circulation, containing unique material that was often not published during the life and creative activity of Slavic scholars. This approach turned out to be justified and made it possible to obtain new information about the scientific biography and activities of Academician E.F. Karsky, to demonstrate his role in the development of science and academic contacts, to present new pages in the history of Slavic studies, Slavic studies and international contacts in this area in the period under study.

Нацыянальная акадэмія навук Беларусі: гісторыя ў дакументах (1922–2022) = National Academy of Sciences of Belarus: history in documents (1922–2022) / Нац. акад. навук Беларусі, Ін-т гісторыі, Цэнтр. навук. б-ка імя Я. Коласа; уклад.: А.І. Груша [і інш.] ; тэкст анат.: М.У. Глеб, Д.А. Крэнт, К.В. Сыцько; падрыхт. і апрац. іл.: В. А. Варонкина [і інш.]; пер. на англ. мову: М.У. Глеб, В.М. Чыкун. — Мінск : Беларуская навука, 2022. — 218 с.
Прадстаўленая візуалізацыя часткі дакументальнай спадчыны са збораў устаноў Нацыянальнай акадэміі навук Беларусі — Цэнтральнага навуковага архіва і Цэнтральнай навуковай бібліятэкі імя Якуба Коласа — дазваляе самастойна азнаёміцца з гісторыяй НАН Беларусі ад пачатку акадэмізацыі навуковых структур ў 1922 г. да 2022 г. Сканкопіі дакументаў адлюстроўваюць бягучыя задачы і штодзённую дзейнасць беларускай Акадэміі, у якіх рэалізоўваліся яе арыенціры, устаноўкі і патэнцыял.
Інстытут беларускай культуры: 1922–1928 гг. / У. Р. Гусакоў [і інш.] ; рэдкал.: У. Р. Гусакоў [і інш.] ; Нац. акад. навук Беларусі, Ін-т гісторыі. — Мінск : Беларуская навука, 2022. — 223 с. : іл.
Выданне падрыхтавана ў рамках святкавання 100-годдзя з дня заснавання Інстытута беларускай культуры. Яно знаёміць чытача з даследаваннямі, якія распрацоўваліся ў Інстытуце беларускай культуры і ў далейшым былі пакладзены ў аснову нацыянальных навуковых школ. Кніга цалкам пабудавана на базе першакрыніц, у ёй упершыню публікуюцца многія дакументы, якія захоўваюцца ў фондах Цэнтральнага навуковага архіва НАН Беларусі. Для навуковых супрацоўнікаў, а таксама тых, кто цікавіцца гісторыяй беларускай навукі і культуры.