Archaeological Scientific and Museum Exposition

Exposition «Development of an archaeological science at the
National Academy of Sciences of Belarus» of Institute of History of Belarus

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The modern archaeological science is advanced branch of historical knowledge and at the same time represents considerable interest for other sciences. Data of archeology and the found objects are used with a view of bringing up of a domestic historical and cultural heritage. Archaeological materials are the most valuable sources for paleobiology, anthropology, ethnography and art knowledge. They are established at the corresponding sections of expositions of many museums in the territory of Belarus. Thanks to archeologists are created unique museum- pieces and archaeological objects. With their help are carrying out the restoration of monuments of medieval architecture and that promotes tourism development in Belarus.

The Belarusian archeology is adequately presented at various international scientific forums, including on the congresses International Union of Slavic archeology. Work of corresponding chairs of High Schools of the Republic and departments of museums and reserves are coordinated now, highly skilled scientific personnel is trained, measures for protection of historical and cultural values are extended and amplified.

The exposition reflects the history of formation of an archaeological science in Belarus and its development within the limits of the Belarusian Academy from its beginning and till nowadays; which represents the structure of archaeological subsections and their place in the academic establishments, perfection of a technique of researches, creation and development of scientific branches, scientific achievements of the Belarusian archeologists and their professional growth; international contacts of the Belarusian archaeological science and experts, professional training of archaeological personnel in the Republic.

The exposition problem consists in complex representation of the scientific and training information with an accent on advanced achievements, illustrations of perfection of a technique of archaeological researches. Considering the specificity of the exposition named above, the achievements of Belarusian archeology will be reflected by means of cultures and monuments and also through the personal contribution of researchers into the development of a science and studying of an object of researches. The materials of an exposition or its separate sections can be used for the preparation of general or special works on history of an archaeological science, preparation of telecasts and TV-lessons.

The basic directions of the work organization of an exposition hall

  • The informational report in the accessible form about the formation and development of an archaeological science and about all the stages of the organization and its structure; about the perfection of methods and techniques of research works, about the creation of new scientific directions and the major achievements of archeologists. Pictorial demonstration of objects and the information (maps, models, samples, show-windows, panels, video clips, etc.).
  • Carrying out of thematic lectures and seminars with the post-graduates and the students specializing in a field of “archeology” with the representation of all kinds of necessary and pictorial information. Providing of favorable conditions (by means of the art-design decision) for research work of scientists in the exposition hall and providing of access to the scientific funds (according to the instruction).
  • The organization of excursions for students of High Schools, employees, reception of the scientific foreign delegations arriving for participation in scientific conferences, anniversary celebrations, popularization of a domestic historical science.
  • Preparation and holding of annual exhibitions – displays of the newest archaeological finds and publications (artistic and design decision of information submission).
  • Carrying out of lectures-excursions for pupils from schools, lyceum and gymnasium in respect of vocational counseling and popularization of domestic history, formation of patriotism and civil qualities of the rising generation. Preparation and carrying out of annual exhibitions – representing of the newest archeological finds and editions (the art-design decision of showing of the information). The organization of the celebrations under the dedication in post-graduate students, delivery of diplomas, awards, letters of congratulation. Carrying out of celebrations under anniversaries of scientists-historians of Belarus, “round tables” on the major problems of archeology.

Structure of an exposition hall

Structurally the exposition is constructed by a thematic and chronological principle and will be subdivided into 6 (six) sections. To each of them devoted the separate part of a hall or a separate compartment, which are created with the use of decorative partitions and connected by the open through passes. Exhibitions bearing components are made of modern materials, with the use of the newest technologies, light and colors decisions.

Sections 2 and 3 of the expositions are devoted to studying of the primitive-communal period (archeology of stone, bronze and early iron centuries); sections 4 and 5 represent the development of archeology of the medieval period (VI-XIII and XIV-XVIII centuries); section 6 is devoted to a problem of training of scientific personnel on archeology through postgraduate study and doctoral studies, there also presence periodically updated exhibition with the information on the most interesting results of archeological work in the last field season and the newest publications also is provided.

The theme of each section will be represented through documents, printed materials, the most typical and significant archeological finds, and also through reconstruction, graphic, volume, executed on the computer. Representation of some unique subjects which are unobtainable now in assemblages and collections of the Institute of History, through hologram is possible.