Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: remember all!

National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
announces the All-Belarusian action “The People’s Chronicle
of the Great Patriotic War: remember everyone!”

Contact number: (017) 378-24-21 (Doctor Hist. Sc., Professor Aliaksey Litvin)

The Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 left a deep mark in the history of the Belarusian nation. On the occupied territory of Belarus for 3 years the flame of all-national resistance has been man. In the fight against German aggressors, Belarus lost every third resident. The Belarusian people saving the memory of the fallen. Over 8.5 thousand memorials, monuments and man-made Mounds of Glory have been erected on the territory of our country. Great attention is paid to the preservation of spiritual memory. Over the past decades since World War II, hundreds of artworks and movies have been created. Belarusian scientists published about 12 thousand works, including the unique 146-volume chronicle “Memory”, the only educational and methodological complex “The Great Patriotic War of the Soviet people (in the context of the Second World War)” in the post-Soviet space. Only in recent years, such scientific works as significant for our people and the state have been published, such as “The Contribution of the Belarusian People to Victory in the Great Patriotic War” and “The Constellation of Heroes of the Belarusian Land”.

However, in modern geopolitical conditions, when attempts to falsify and distort the history of World War II and the Great Patriotic War do not stop, there are fewer and fewer direct witnesses and participants in military events, it is vital for us to preserve for descendants every fact and detail everything that has become an embodiment spiritual power of the Belarusian people during the difficult war years.

In order to perpetuate and preserve the memory of the generation of winners, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus takes the initiative of the all-Belarusian action “People’s Chronicle of the Great Patriotic War: remember everyone!”.

We appeal to the leadership of the regional and district executive committees, educational and cultural institutions, public organizations, all interested citizens of the Republic of Belarus with a request to expand work on collecting preserved memories and photographs of participants in the events of the Great Patriotic War. We ask you to send the materials to the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, where information will be collected and the data obtained will be scientifically processed, relevant publications will be prepared on their basis, and an electronic database will be created.

Contact number: (017) 378-24-21 (Doctor Hist. Sc., Professor Aliaksey Litvin)

30012014-1 Народны летапіс Вялікай Айчыннай вайны: успомнім усіх! Кн. 1 / Нац. акад. навук Беларусі, Ін-т гісторыі; склад.: А. М. Літвін, А. А. Крыварот, К. Д. Ганчарэнка ; рэдкал.: А. А. Каваленя (гал. рэд.) [і інш.]. — Мінск : Беларуская навука, 2020. — 451, [1] с. : іл.

У выданні прадстаўлены ўспаміны і дакументальныя матэрыялы, сабраныя ў Інстытуце гісторыі НАН Беларусі ў рамках ініцыяванай Нацыянальнай акадэміяй навук Беларусі ўсебеларускай акцыі «Народны летапіс Вялікай Айчыннай вайны: успомнім усіх!». Разлічана на шырокае кола чытачоў: прафесійных гісторыкаў, выкладчыкаў устаноў вышэйшай і сярэдняй спецыяльнай адукацыі, настаўнікаў агульнаадукацыйных устаноў, студэнцкую і вучнёўскую моладзь, рэкамендаваны для выкарыстання ў навукова-даследчай рабоце і навучальным працэсе.